Welcome! Come on in and make yourselves comfortable. Take you're shoes off and relax. We want to help you with any comp problems you might have. We'd also like to hear you're views on what's happening in the world. Many people are very concerned with the direction the USA and the 'modern' nations are taking. Freedoms that we've always taken for granted are under assault under the umbrella of this 'war' on terrorism. If what is happening concerns you then join us and voice you're opinion. Likewise ,if you think that we are doing just as we should be doing then join us and voice those opinions. Healthy debate and discourse are what made the US of A what it is and healthy debate is essential if we're to win over the evil forces that confront democracy. We also have to be aware of those among us that seek to make personal gain in underhanded ways while out attentions are focused elsewhere. It's imperative that all citizens of the developed countries take a most active part in shaping policy and holding our elected officials, our employees, accountable for their actions. The time for rhetoric is long past, now is the time for action. Join with us to make the world safe for all of our children and their children!
Let Freedom Ring!

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Hi! Welcome to the SecureComp Page.

We have some newsgroups that we think are pretty good and hope you do too due to
the quality of the participants. At we discuss Computer Security Issues and Computer Technical issues along with the current Social/Political issues of the day.

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We have 4 Forums at our newsgroups.

1)SecureComp... Here we discuss Computer Security and Computer Technical issues and problems.

2)TheTable... Here we discuss Social/Political issues with netizens from around the world.

3)SpareRoom... Here all of our regulars and visitors gather to enjoy each others company, tell jokes and just relax after a stressful day. Come and meet all of our fantastic people!

4)WebofTrust... Here we deal with PGP, Cert Creation and issues relation to encryption and the important Web of Trust and Secure Data. We can teach you to use and install PGP or we will help you with obtaining your own Cert.

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