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A Brief History of SecureComp.Org

The SecureComp community was founded by Randy Welborn and Ridge Cook after they, and others, came to a conclusion. This conclusion was that a forum for open discussion about politics and privacy/security issues of both a personal and technical nature was needed. This is a place that you can ask and say anything you want.

You will always get a friendly and informative response about technical issues in the SecureComp group. You may get involved in some rough'n'tumble political discussions in TheTable but that is your choice. If you need some good advice about crypto and related matters then WebOfTrust is for you. Need some off-topic light relief? Head for the SpareRoom but beware if you have a cat allergy.

Is the old version of the site still available?

Yes, it is. As the original was Randy's handiwork it has now been archived for posterity

How to get the best from this site

A good question and we're glad you asked. You'll certainly get a more attractive view of the site in a modern standards compliant browser but it also degrades gracefully. Fire up Lynx, point it here and you'll still be able to read all the content.

The Wiki will become a repository of useful "how-to" articles on various facets of computing. When the Wiki comes online there'll be a metaWiki about how to use it - what did you expect? :-). Please note that the content of this site is licensed according to the Creative Commons License. If you don't agree then don't post! If you have some good and useful information of a technical nature then feel free to share it here.

The Links page will grow into a quick access list of useful online resources.

Want to bitch or congratulate? Then use the Guest Book or the Contact page.

Whatever you want to do it's probably both possible and easy. Prefer to use a keyboard over a mouse? Take a look at the access key list on the Accessibility page. Enjoy.

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