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Welcome! Come on in and make yourselves comfortable. Take your shoes off and relax.

We've tried to make a true net community and in just over 2 years we feel we've succeeded! Amazing! So join us and meet people from all over the world.

And while you're at it you can learn how to protect your private information and solve your computer woes. There's plenty of help with experts in just about any field you care to mention. Join us at the News Server

Randy Welborn.
b. 1956-07-04
d. 2004-05-26

That is the way our friend, Randy Welborn, described SecureComp. SecureComp was born in July 2001 and is still growing thanks to the people who contribute and participate. This site can be considered the "front porch" and will have links to other sites, white papers, content, and whatever else we can think of. The issues described above are serious but don't have to be dull. We try not to be.

So come on in and have a seat. Look around, speak up. Questions are welcome, comments encouraged, jokes enjoyed, politics fought over...there is more to life than computers.

Ridge Cook.